About Me

With a heart of service, I work to raise awareness of the value of small businesses and religious organizations. Understanding that every business culture is different, I help you connect with your customer base. That means creating a virtual imprint. Virtual Yours LLC provides a flat-fee subscription service geared toward meeting the needs of the client first. Funding needs are also my area of service. I can get you set up for the year. Let's pursue those funding opportunities together. You can set up a consultation meeting today.

How We Got Started

As the founder of Virtual Yours LLC, I began by working with what I knew. Working within the office support realm for over 15 years, I saw the lack within our church communities. The learning curve of technology within the black church tugged at me. I became empowered to help churches and religious organizations become innovative and relevant to the 21st Century congregation.

Small businesses are also looking for this same quality. Most of the time, businesses start with a cause that will be beneficial to a specific group of people. Many, however, never reach that point because of survival. I wanted to help business owners integrate into the community so they can give back. Helping them get the funds needed for their businesses and ministries sparked my desire to become a Grant Consultant.

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