About the Owner

Hello, I'm Sara Johnson.

In my capacity as an advocate for small businesses and religious organizations, I strive to increase awareness of their value. I assist you in connecting with your customer base by understanding the differences in business cultures. We create a virtual imprint in this way. Virtual Yours LLC offers a flat-fee subscription service that meets the needs of its clients. The services we provide include media management and procurement consultations. I can help you set up for the year. Keep your audience informed about your events, projects, and momentum. Let's pursue those funding opportunities together. You can set up a consultation meeting today.

Starting with the Passion for Better

Virtual Yours LLC was founded on what I knew. Over the course of my working career in office support, I have seen a lack of support in our church communities. The black church's learning curve in technology tugged at me. With this experience, I gained the ability to assist churches and religious organizations in becoming innovative and relevant among their congregations within the 21st century. When leaders are trained and equipped, the overall ministry can flourish.

Therefore, I offer services that help ministries stand on their mission of excellence in areas that will both help their congregations and impact those to come. Offering consultations and virtual help in social media and grant opportunities impacts ministries of all sizes.

The same quality is also sought by small businesses. Most businesses begin with a cause that benefits a specific group. Survival, however, prevents many from reaching that point. Using both cutting-edge and old techniques, I strive to facilitate the integration of business owners into the community.

My Hobbies and Gifts

I am a writer. I have many books in the making and am excited about sharing what is in me with the world. This passion helps me perfect the art of grant writing. I also occasionally host a podcast called The Praise Domain. I am a mom to a growing teen that loves to be creative in her own way.

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