#MosaicMondays 3/30/2020

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

I personally am not that drinker. However, my love for givers and service-oriented people can't pass the opportunity to congratulate and recognize leaders. Especially those that go out of their way to make a difference for the greater good of the community and world. So when the outbreak of a lifetime, COVID-19, shook Maryland, the first thing I went to get was hand sanitizer and medicine.

As a WFHM, I work from home and homeschool. I have to keep a clean environment to keep things running smoothly. So no worries right... wrong! Just from everyday activity, I use sanitizer a lot. With the increase in foot traffic, my cleaning products and sanitizers were depleting at a faster rate. I am guessing many other families were having the same issue cause when I went to go purchase a simple bottle, although I wanted my norm Bath and Body Works version, the stores were out! I even tried looking for rubbing alcohol... GONE!

I'm sure I was not the only one. I didn't even think about drinking alcohol. That's why I wanted to show love to our Distilleries. At the beginning of a storm, no one had any knowledge just how much our everyday norm would change. It is very apparent they were progressively thinking of ways to help. Boy did they! So to Patapsco Distilling Company and all those out there like them.


Thank you for your progressive mindset and willingness to conform in uncomfortable times.



Patapsco Distilling Company

Maryland Distillers Guild

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